The projects came in two by two

Well some of us have been really busy. The Irish colleen has been paper piecing like a mad thing and has finally finshed this epic creation:

Two by two

How fabulous is that?  Now it has to get a border and then she will quilt it. I don’t know how she had the determination to get it finished. I know she found doing two of everything a bit of a chore. My favourites are the bees and the zebras and the giraffes and the . . . well everything really!

Not content with just that she also produced a celtic quilt

Celtic quilt

Another great job Irish Colleen although the photo doesnt really do it justice.

Then Granny H produced these:

cushion with a cat

and this:

bright and cheerful

Well done Granny H and Irish Colleen. You both put me to shame. I must get working on something – enough of this procrastination!!

I cant wait to see what the gals do next week.


Ever had one of those days?

No photos to  upload today. Nothing has been going right. I have made mistakes cutting out fabric and have had nothing but problems with the knitting machine. Its enough to make me want to scream!! Maybe its just not going to happen for me this weekend. Maybe I will have to clean. NOOOOOO. think I will stop trying to accomplish anything and try again tomorrow. I HATE wasting one of my two days off!

Use what you have. . . .

The mantra of the innersanctum granma was put into play today as I determined to sew something with some of the left over fabrics I have. I started with this:

Baby rail fence

However, it was  not big enough  for anything really. Sew, I looked for other bits.

Baby strings

I sewed 7 inch wide bits together – some of them are cut slanted- they are meant to be squint, old salt – then I cut the strips in half and joined them with 3 1/2 inch ( I still work in inches, I’m afraid!) strips.

string it together

Sew, the top is done using only offcuts of other quilts. I’ve found an offcut of batting and I think I will back it with a fleece blanket.  Hope to get it done tomorrow.

Jersey Girl

jersey girl

Here is my first garment made using my over locker. It was very simple to make. I made a tubular shape to be sewn onto the neckline to give the ‘boat neck’ effect. Here’s how it came about…..My lovely mother took my sister shopping and bought this really nice thick jersey fabric. My sis and I sat down to try make something from it- but it didn’t go to plan. We were trying to make an over sized boyfriend sweater but instead we scrapped our idea as soon as we realised we gave the sweater too much shaping (defeating the purpose of the term boyfriend)….. sew instead I attached the tube to the neckline and it came out like this. With our original idea being a ‘boyfriend sweater’ we soon changed our minds and it ended up being a chic little number! I am very pleased with it and I think it looks good belted and with a pair of heels! Simple but it works. Less is more, as they say…..don’t you think.

peace out



I do love a day to play

I  have had real problems with the zippy. It wont let me cast on. I tried to use the ravel cord and I tried to use the weaving brush method.. . . . it almost drove me MAD!! Turns out SSC was having the same problem! Perhaps at our weekly natter, calculagal can help me.

Anyway, I did manage – somehow, I forgot how- to get it cast on and I did manage to knit a sample of some of the stitches. Knitting without a life jacket.

Nip and tuck

This is tuck stitch . Not sure I like it.

tuck and nip

This is the reverse. Think i prefer it.


Not sure I like this. It was a pain to do what with having to move the coloured yarn from side to side on the carriage.

10 and 1

Ten rows at 3 on the stitch dial and one row at 10. Makes an interesting texture. It’s also handy to do a row at 10 if you have to take off knitting onto waste yarn. It’s easy to pick up the bigger loops.

interesting. . .

hand manipulated stitches. This is an interesting texture but takes long time.

lacey and light

 This lace pattern reminds me of all the school cardigans that grannies with knitting machines used to knit in the 90s. They usually had red ribbon or buttons.

work in progress

I got tired of doing this – actually one of the needles wasnt behaving and I had to ‘knit up’ the ladder- so I took it off the machine. at the moment I have yet to finish off both ends.  Will post a completed picture soon.

Also, yesterday I finished two quilt tops. One was almost finished and the other was several charm packs. They are for a wedding gift but  am not sure which  would  be  best. What do you think?

groovy baby

60s vibe or

allspice allsorts

What do you think?

Sweet and delightful

Who does this apply to then? Actually its Scotiagal’s carrot cake recipe. Here it is for those who enjoyed it:

yum yum

Carrot Cake

2 cup sugar
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
4 eggs
2 cups flour
2 tsp cinnamon
1 cup salad oil
3 cup grated carrots
Optional:3/4 cup pecans, 1 cup raisins (toss some of the raisins in  the flour)
Mix dry ingredients. add oil & mix.  add eggs one at a time.  add carrots. Bake in  (2) 9″ cake pans.  Bake 350 for 35 minutes.( check center to make sure the cake is no longer moist)
Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 – 8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 box confectioners sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup marg or butter
1 cup pecans

fast and easy ?

No not what your mother told you not to be, but my first completed project on my  rediscovered knitmaster zippy plus. I had noticed how LTT keep trying to ‘acquire’ SSC’s cashmere wrap. To tell you the truth I have coveted it myself. Sew I decided to try to knit LTT one. I was not content with just using the main bed in my knitting machine. Oh no, nothing like diving straight in at the deep end without a life jacket!  I got out my lace carriage, oiled it and stuck it on.  One hour later – voila!

looks a bit grannyish

 I used a very fine wool – not sure of the number- but I was pleased with the lacy effect. I am sure that LTT will make it look a lot better when she gets to stylin’ it.

Lacy not racy

 I am not sure if I will press it at all. I lightly pressed the sample square – yes i did do a tiny one- and I didnt like the way the piece went sort of flat. I think I like the ripply effect.

Lightly spun

 I have also been trying to remember how to knit sweaters. I tried various samples until I could remember how to work the darned thing. Then I wanted to knit something proper. Sew I thought I would try a Picot hem since I didnt want to get the ribber out just yet.

A peek at Picot

 The taupe yarn is of course waste yarn – strangely the same colour as LTT’s wrap!-

Straight off the needles, it turned up badly sew that was a bit disappointing.

If only it would sit like this

Maybe its something to do with the tension. Maybe I will have to do a TENSION SQUARE!!! NOOOOO

Anyway,  today I have got my ribber out of the box and set up. So the heck with tension squares and on with trying to knit proper ribs.  Watch this swatch!!